Frequently Asked Questions


AdCritter is a simple platform for doing local programmatic advertising outside of the Google/Facebook duopoly. It has a significantly lower CPM than either Google or Facebook with very similar click-thru rates, giving a much lower cost-per-action.
Offering programmatic advertising sets you apart from most small agencies. It gives your business an important “third leg” so you are not completely dependent on the Google/Facebook duopoly. It gives your clients a better return on their ad spend. Perhaps most importantly, without programmatic your digital offerings are simply not complete.
Yes! When you setup a campaign in AdCritter, we automatically retarget users.
Yes. Much like with Google and Facebook, AdCritter allows you to do conversion tracking of your programmatic campaigns by adding a simple line of code to your website.
Ads appear across the entire Internet ecosystem on all types of devices. Ads are restricted from appearing on unsafe, inappropriate, violent and pornographic site categories by default.
In addition to not running campaigns within the unsafe / inappropriate iAB content categories, AdCritter also carefully selects publishers and supply-side platforms that represent the best quality placements. Ads are restricted from appearing on unsafe, inappropriate, violent and pornographic site categories by default. You may also designate additional sites or categories of sites that you do not want your ads to appear.
Yes. AdCritter supports both traditional online video ads and CTV ads.


AdCritter costs as little as $475 a month for our Basic Plan. Most AdCritter users find that is all they need. There is no long-term contract, so you can cancel any time. CPMs will vary based on your audience and targeting techniques but are significantly lower than Google or Facebook. Visit the pricing page for plan details.
Your reports will contain all of the standard ad metrics (impressions, clicks, conversions, costs, etc.) and campaign analysis tools you would expect. For agencies, reports are also broken out by client.
Analytics are updated daily.


Virtually every method of modern ad targeting is possible on AdCritter. Target websites individually, by keyword, or by category. Target groups of people by uploading an audience or crafting one with our powerful audience builder. Geo-target locations large or small, including individual buildings. Build retargeting campaigns virtually any way you like. And those are just the basics.
Rather than targeting specific websites, Audience Targeting allows you to target certain people or groups of people. You can use our Audience Builder to create an audience, upload an audience you already have, or have us build one to your exact specifications.
AdCritter makes it easy to build audiences based on demographics, interests, occupations, and a host of other categories. We can also tailor-make an audience based on virtually anything you like. Need to target CEOs of basket companies who own a lama? Just ask!
Yes. We can match an audience to your existing customer data, delivering ads only to the individuals you specify.
With Keyword Targeting, we only deliver your ads on webpages that contain the keywords you specify. It works much like the advertising you’ve done through Google Display Network, but at a much lower cost.
AdCritter makes it easy to target ads by location in the United States. You can target by state, metro, or zip code. Or you can geo-target smaller areas, including individual buildings. Either upload the addresses you want to target or use our geo-mapper to draw virtual fences around the exact spaces you want to target.


As many as you have! Setting up additional clients is simple in AdCritter and allows you to keep their campaigns and ads in a dedicated account for you to manage.
Yes. You will be able to manage the budgets, campaigns and reporting for each client separately.
Yes. The report screens for each client and each campaign include ad spend at the campaign-level and ad-level.


Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising. Before AdCritter, the complexity and cost of implementing programmatic campaigns kept it out of reach for most local businesses.
Each ad is given a unique identifier that is used to track impressions, clicks and conversion events on the landing page. The results are visible on the AdCritter dashboard for every ad in every campaign for each of your clients. This same unique identifier is also passed as a URL parameter to the landing page for further evaluation in Google Analytics.
RTB (Real-Time Bidding) is a subset of programmatic advertising and involves the purchase of ads through real-time auctions.
In addition to the unique identifier for each ad, AdCritter allows you to pass the following as optional URL parameters: client identifier and campaign identifier.
AdCritter allows you to submit ads of all sizes, including the most popular: 300x250, 728x90, 160x600, 320x50, and 300x50.