AdCritter for Agencies

AdCritter for Agencies

Like AdCritter... But for Agencies

It’s time to grow beyond search and social.


Escape the Performance Marketing Trap.

Google and FaceBook taught us the best time to advertise was at the precise moment someone was ready to buy. Every ad should track to a sale. They called it Performance Marketing and we built our agencies around it. And it worked… until it didn't. Worse, we taught our clients to expect it. No wonder they're unhappy.

Thankfully, advertising (and agencies) existed and thrived long before Performance Marketing. TV and Billboard advertising have always worked. Now they're more powerful than ever, thanks to targetable streaming and audience segmentation. AdCritter can help you build your agency around these new-again formats, where your clients build enduring brands and no one quits over a CTR drop or an algorithm change.

Improve Retention

Retention is the lifeblood of your agency. By their very nature, TV and Billboards encourage long-term advertising and brand-building. AdCritter for Agencies leans into this with reports specifically designed to tell your clients the story of their audience and brand development over time.

Imagine looking forward to client updates. Imagine having something to show them other than CPC and conversion reports. Reports that show their audience is expanding, awareness is growing tangibly, and that their advertising investment is working as intended. Imagine them staying, even when cookies die or algorithms change.

First 6 Months Free

You need time to evaluate the platform to see if it’s right for your agency. That’s why we give qualifying agencies six months of free access. No obligations. No limitations.*

*Ad spend not included

for 6 months
  • Unlimited ads, campaigns, and clients
  • Full access to ad template library
  • Full range of targeting options
  • Low minimum budgets
  • Thereafter: $149/mo per 15 clients
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