Privacy Policy


This is AdCritter, LLC's ("AdCritter" or "we") privacy policy. It applies to any of our websites, any ads we display on other websites or properties, and any services we provide through our platform, our website or any other technology we use. By using AdCritter's website or any of our products or services, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to this policy.

Opt-Out Options

AdCritter believes you should be empowered to make informed choices if and when you choose about the kinds of ads that get delivered to you online. Therefore, we provide you to opportunity to opt out of ads delivered to you by AdCritter based on your interests, websites you've visited and other information we may use to tailor ads specifically for you.

If you choose to opt out, you will still see online ads, but they will no longer be tailored to you based on the information AdCritter has collected. In this case, any information we have collected will be dissociated from your device, thereby preventing its use. If you opt out in this way, you will continue to see ads, but they will likely be much less relevant to you and your interests. If your device is in the European Economic Area and you opt out, we will consider that a request for AdCritter to cease processing your personal data and will accommodate that request. Clearing your browser's cookies is an effective opt-out procedure for desktop and laptop environments included in re-marketing advertising campaigns. For mobile devices, opt out requests must be submitted to and include your full name and the advertising identifier(s) of the personal device(s) you wish to be excluded. If your device acquires a new advertising identifier, this process must be repeated for the new identifier. Because advertising identifiers and related settings can be managed by the device user, AdCritter does not accept opt-out requests from third parties.

What is AdCritter?

AdCritter is a technology platform that allows advertisers, advertising agencies and media buyers (heretofore: "Advertisers") to place digital ads on websites, mobile sites and aps. Advertisers use AdCritter to place these ads using various standard online marketing practices, such as location-based advertising, interest-based advertising, real-time ad bidding, contextual advertising, and retargeting. AdCritter also makes it possible for Advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their advertising.

What information does AdCritter collect?

AdCritter uses data generated through the AdCritter platform, data that is provided by various ad technologies that the AdCritter platform communicates with as part of the normal process of bidding on, and/or placing ads, as well as data that AdCritter clients provide to AdCritter. This may include pseudonymous information about Internet users' devices and browsers, including:

  • the browser used and its settings,
  • data regarding the device's operating system,
  • cookie data,
  • data related to other identifiers assigned to the device,
  • the device's IP address,
  • data about whether a device has visited an AdCritter client's website,
  • data on the location of the device when it accesses a website or mobile application
  • inferences or information about a device users' interests.

How does AdCritter use the information that it collects?

AdCritter uses the information it collects only for the purpose of serving targeted advertising to individuals and for measuring the overall effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

AdCritter does not under any circumstances sell personally identifiable information (PII).

How long is the information stored and kept?

For data collected via browsers, cookies, or mobile applications, the AdCritter platform stores pseudonymous targeting segments for up to 180 days. AdCritter typically resets the retention period each time the same user is encountered.

How does AdCritter use the information provided by clients, advertisers and other partners?

We use any information provided by clients, Advertisers and other partners for these purposes:

  • To operate, manage, repair, maintain and improve the AdCritter platform and AdCritter services.
  • To enforce of our Terms of Service.
  • To screen for potentially undesirable, abusive and/or illegal activities.
  • To contact users and clients about their service or account. If you create an account with AdCritter and do business with us, we may send you communications related to that account and any business we are conducting together.
  • To contact you for marketing purposes. Any such communication will include an option to opt out of future communications.
  • To respond to subpoenas or other legal requests.

As an AdCritter client, will AdCritter share my information?

  • Billing. We use trusted service providers for all client billing and payment processing. Anyone involved with the processing, transmission, or storage of card data must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). AdCritter payment / billing service providers have been audited by an independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and are certified as PCI Level 1 Service Providers. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. The payment integration has been implemented so that card data is never visible or accessible to us and, therefore, AdCritter is fully PCI compliant.
  • Services. AdCritter may provide client data to trusted partners and service providers for the purpose of providing, managing, repairing, maintaining or improving AdCritter's services, including but not limited to implementing, monitoring or repairing the platform's cybersecurity measures.
  • Legal Requests. We may disclose your information when required by law and/or to comply with applicable judicial proceedings, court orders or mandatory legal processes.
  • Third Parties. AdCritter does not sell the information it collects to third parties. It also does not share the information collected, except for the express purposes listed above, with any third parties at any time.
  • Ownership Transfers. AdCritter may transfer the information it collects to any parent company or legal entity that purchases AdCritter in its entirety. WEBSITE VISITORS

What information does the website collect, and how is it used?

We collect usage data whenever you interact with our website. This usage data may include which pages on our site you interact with, how you interact with them and when. We may collect information from the device and application you use to access our website, including but not limited to cookie data, your IP address, device identifiers, location data, and/or geographic location data. We may record information about the source that referred you to our website. We may also use third party tracking systems that use cookies, page tags, and/or web beacons to provide us with anonymized data about visitors to our websites.

Does use cookies?

Yes. You may block the use of cookies via your device, browser, or app settings. However, some parts of our website will not work as well for you.

Can AdCritter change its privacy policy?

AdCritter reserves the right to change this policy statement at any time. Please review it periodically.


The General Data Privacy Regulation ("GDPR") affords additional rights to EU data subjects. Those rights include the right to complain to EU Supervisory Authorities and the right to access, correct, port to another party and delete certain personal data processed by AdCritter.

With respect to EU data subjects, personal data includes pseudonymous information such as an IP address, a mobile advertising ID or a cookie ID. Where AdCritter is a controller of data the legal basis will be both legitimate interest and consent depending on the type of information subject to processing and the information we receive from upstream partners. Where we rely upon legitimate interest, we have assessed the processing is not high risk and will not violate fundamental human rights of EU data subjects.

When AdCritter receives from an EU data subject a request to cease processing of data via the mechanism(s) listed above, AdCritter will stop all data processing with respect to the opted out browser or device unless such processing is required by law.

If you're an EU data subject and believe AdCritter is processing your pseudonymous information or your contact information and you wish to exercise your right to access, delete, port or remove such information, please send an email to and we will respond to your request within 30 days.

Alternatively, you may contact us at the address below:

2510 8th Ave S., 2nd Floor
Nashville, TN 37204
United States